Skills Required

  1. Professional, Precise Communication Skills
  2. Deep Knowledge of Angular JS Practices and commonly used Modules
  3. Good understanding Database, API, caching Layer, Proxies, and other Web Services used in the system
  4. Writing Non-Blocking Code, and Resorting to Advanced Techniques such as Multi-Threading
  5. Experience in Implementing Front-End and Back-End JavaScript Applications
  6. Working knowledge on Micro Services Architecture and Development

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Delivering Complete Front End Application
  2. Ensuring High Performance on Mobile and Desktop
  3. Cooperating with the Back-End Developer while building the RESTful API
  4. Adapting Interface for Modern Internet Applications using the Latest Front-End Technologies
  5. Developing Application Codes in AngularJS / React JS, and Java Technologies
  6. Designing and Developing User Interfaces using AngularJS / React JS Best Practices
  7. Troubleshooting Interface Software and Debugging Application Codes